Life is good…enjoy the ride

If you’ve landed on this page looking for the international performance management consulting group called The Enterprise Group (TEG) you’re a bit late. But that’s okay…I appreciate your stopping by and hope you stay a while.

Having retired a few years ago I am working (slowly!) to re-direct this web site to my retirement interests. I also hope to get after few enterprising activities that tend to come along from time to time. Going into retirement I knew it was pretty important to stay active. I’m sure my efforts to do that will change thru time but for the moment I am…

…enjoying the great outdoors – yeah I still love the mountains and just being outside generally.

…learning new things – yeah, I still have a lot to learn…wow, do I have a lot to learn!

…giving voice to matters that are important to me – yeah, I still have something to say.

So thanks for dropping in…visit often and enjoy the ride. Life is good.

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Pictured: …a favorite hide-away for nearly 30 years and counting. Where do you go to get away…to recharge? Is that place a physical place or a state of mind…or both?



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