Included are recommendations for ensuring maximal access and uptake, for managing effective storage, distribution, and administration and significantly, for all-Ireland proofing the roll-out of the vaccine. Such statistics distort the true level of need for housing. This policy document sets out Sinn Féin’s Health policies that will offer substantial public investment to rebuild a stronger, fairer, and better health service as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. have been in government for nearly 25 years. The base of Sinn Fein is the cumann. — Sinn Féin (@sinnfeinireland) September 3, 2015. ... Members proclaiming ‘up the RA’ at any time will still be covered by the stock Sinn Féin excuse of ‘actually they were just singing the Ra-Ra-Rasputin part of that Boney M song’. Sinn Féin proposals to tackle issues faced by Carers in our social protection system. They will introduce a 5pc levy on all earnings over €140,000 and taper out tax credits for an individual income from €100,000 to €140,000. Sinn Féin’s proposals aim to properly build public housing on public land through well-funded local authorities, approved housing bodies and community housing trusts – not commercial semi-states. We will recruit the maximum number of Gardaí each year, so Garda numbers reach record levels – 16,000. That’s real economic recovery, that’s money in people’s pockets and that’s what really counts. the change Sinn Féin will bring for ordinary people. This document outlines how the true level of those experiencing homelessness is at least 20% greater than what official government figures show. They will also introduce a 15.75pc rate of employers PRSI on all salaries over €100,000. Our manifesto has been costed by the relevant government departments and is affordable and can be delivered. It can and should be eradicated from society and that is Sinn Féin’s vision as outlined in this document ‘Prosperity and Opportunity - tackling poverty, disadvantage and social exclusion in the North'. We will stop the pension age increase to 67 and will return it to 65. Importance: Most Important. This is accompanied by a raft of measures to reduce Back to School costs for families and ease the burden. This policy document sets out a €1.9bn plan to protect capacity in the health service. This policy document is Sinn Féin’s General Election mental health manifesto. This document sets out how shared equity loans do not in fact make homes more affordable but is rather another developer-led plan that is not sufficient to address the housing crisis. We will reduce the cost of childcare by an average of €500 per month per child.We will extend paid maternity leave to 52 weeks and increase maternity benefit by €50. Beginning in the 1960s, the party advocated British withdrawal from and demilitarization of Northern Ireland and protested the treatment of nationalists in the province by the British government, the British army, and the largely Protestant … This policy document sets out the economic advantages of a United Ireland for all of the people of Ireland. Sinn Féin’s Alternative Budget for 2021 sets out detailed and costed policies to help bring our country out of this crisis and rebuild in a fairer, better, and stronger Ireland. Sinn Féin sets out solutions to tackle regional inequalities and long-term unemployment. Ireland has never had a government led by a left-wing party, so such a party’s approach would likely differ in style from that of its predecessors. This paper sets out Sinn Féin's proposals for a new economic strategy in the north that promotes good jobs, regional balance, productivity, and decarbonisation. Sinn Féin also wants to give the Central Bank power to cap mortgage rates. Reference: Analysis of answers from 1,842 voters that identify as Sinn Féin. Have a look at some of our key proposals below or view our fully costed Manifesto for Change here. David Cullinane, TD, Sinn Féin Spokesperson on Health. These proposals set out a recovery programme for the sector based on the creation of decent jobs, workers’ rights, decent pay and working conditions. The first Sinn Féin abstentionist candidate was Charles Dolan in 1908. Government housing policy will 'push up prices', Sinn Féin claims Sinn Féin claims the government's housing policy was 'drafted by the construction industry' and will drive up … This proposal looks at the socio-economic ramifications of Brexit, COVID-19, climate breakdown and the rigged economy then proposes structural alternatives going forward for a fairer and greener economy for all. Shared Equity Loans Do Not Make Homes More Affordable, The LDA is Not the Solution to the Housing Crisis, Supporting SMEs, Micro Businesses & Protecting Jobs, Economic Strategy: Principles for Recovery, Giving Workers and Families a Break - A Manifesto for Change, Inclusive and Sustainable Growth - Developing a New Economic Strategy for the North of Ireland, Irish Enterprise Agency – Rebalancing Irish Industrial Strategy by Supporting & Growing Indigenous Irish Businesses, Why we need multi-agency domestic homicide reviews, Creating Workplace Awareness of Domestic Violence, Prosperity and Opportunity - tackling poverty, disadvantage and social exclusion in the North. Rural communities across the country have felt the impact of cutbacks in policing; families and the elderly feel isolated and in danger. The policies in this manifesto take a modern approach to the provision of mental health services while aiming to provide better care and outcomes for those who suffer with mental health conditions. They say this will put €700 in most people’s pockets and take one million people out of the USC. Like Trump, they publicly vented their contempt for the institutions of their country – who can forget Davy Cullinane at the RDS deriding the ‘Free State’ and shouting “up the RA”? Sinn Féin seeks the unification of the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland and the six counties of Northern Ireland in a democratic-socialist Irish republic. In this section you can view policies of Republican SINN FÉIN Poblachtach including the ÉIRE NUA programme for a Federal Democratic Socialist Republic in Ireland. We want to make Childcare and Early Childhood Education a public service. A Cumann consists of not less than five members, the recommended maximum number of members being 12. Access to an adequate level of social protection should not be determined by age. More than 20 Sinn Féin branches had called for a free conscience vote. This scheme will support hundreds of thousands of jobs in the hospitality and tourism sector, put more money in local economies while giving families a welcome break. We will crack down on crime. This policy document sets out an economic stimulus plan to revive the two sectors hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. So let’s give change a chance. These are released by Sinn Fein offices around the country and explain the party's views on current affairs. Sinn Féin wants Europe's Common Agriculture Policy re-balanced towards smaller family farms - and away from the larger processors which it says are pushing family farms out of business. They are objectively soft on borders, soft on immigration, and soft on crime. Most of the party's policies are intended to be implemented on an "all-Ireland" basis which further emphasises their central aim of creating a united Ireland. Sinn Féin commits to the introduction of statutory independent multi-agency domestic homicide reviews. Sinn Féin would end this age discrimination and bring all jobseekers onto the one payment rate. This policy document sets out Sinn Féin’s policies to support families who are struggling with debt. This policy document proposes an ambitious, long-term and strategic economic recovery plan for the North. judge us on what we do. Sinn Féin opposed these austerity policies. View, share or download our recent policy documents in this special section. Austerity is an economic policy which involves the government reducing its public spending. This policy paper shows how a new Irish Enterprise Agency could help rebalance the state’s industrial strategy by supporting and growing indigenous Irish businesses. People should feel safe in their communities. _____ "The Irish Republic is entitled to, and hereby claims, the allegiance of every Irishman and Irishwoman. Sinn Féin have proposed a €140 ‘Back to School Bonus’ to be paid to all families in July, to help tackle crippling back to school costs. Arthur Griffith's "Sinn Féin Policy", formulated between 1905 and 1907, called for Irish MPs to abstain from Westminster and sit in a parallel parliament in Dublin. It al… A list of 94 political views and policies made by Sinn Féin in 2021. The next figure, €234,000, is what Sinn Féin are claiming they can build the remaining 20,000 homes for. This policy document involves a critical assessment of the government’s plan to introduce a state-backed Shared Equity Loan scheme as a means of delivering affordable homes. Subsequent years saw Sinn Féin win seats in four Parliamentary bodies (Dublin, Belfast, Brussels and London), and drop the policy of abstentionism to all but Westminster. The Irish Republic guarantees religious and civil liberty, equal rights and equal opportunities… on 8th February. Sinn Fein’s ultimate goal is reuniting British-run Northern Ireland with Ireland. It looks at the figures of homeless persons omitted from the government’s statistics for political purposes, including many of those in emergency accommodation and direct provision centres. Sinn Féin is promising to abolish USC on all earnings below €30,000. This will ensure faster response times and safer communities. Read more A Just Transition provides decent jobs, social protection and security to workers, as well as communities most affected by the transition to a sustainable economy. Sinn Féin will end the scandal of homelessness. Sinn Féin is committed to climate justice and a just transition for Ireland. Sinn Féin's manifesto did not contain specific points on this issue, but the party previously told BBC News NI it's policies were: Increase investment in public and rural transport This means cuts to public services like social welfare, as well as cutting funding to various Government departments and state-run … The policies in this document aim to structurally reform this neglect, by tackling long waiting lists, chronic understaffing and expanding community health provisions. This policy document is Sinn Féin’s General Election manifesto for change. These proposals include establishing a Rent Arrears Mechanism, capping interest rates charged by moneylenders, transforming MABs into a One Stop Shop for debt resolution, widening access to existing Debt Settlement Arrangements while also ensuring that adequate mental health supports are available. “There is a culture in Sinn Féin of bullying and intimidation,” he said, adding that those members who were critical of Stanley in recent days had received “a knock on the door.” McDonald said such face-to-face visits reflect the close-knit structure of … We will take 1 million workers out of the USC. Sinn Féin Alternative Budget 2020 - Giving workers and families a break and ending the rip-off. The reason they want to exclude Sinn Féin is because they are afraid of On economic policy, Sinn Féin has successfully ridden anger against the current government for failing to curb a housing crisisthat has caused sharp inter-generational inequality and record homelessness. This policy document sets out Sinn Féin’s policies to support families who are struggling with debt. The policies in this manifesto will give workers and families a break, put money back in people's pockets, fix the housing crisis while setting out a comprehensive pathway towards Irish unity. They will also introduce a wealth tax of 1pc on all earnings of €1m. This policy looks at how we can support apprenticeships and job opportunities for those most in need. Sinn Féin Party Voters’ Answer: No, but renegotiate for strict limits on migration into the country and the terms of our monetary contributions. We will invest to ensure workers in the sector are properly paid and have a good career ladder. They have had their chance. This is the Sinn Féin of a few months ago – as recently as last April. December 4, 2020 - BREAKING NEWS, POLITICS. I’m asking you to This isn’t decades and decades ago, mind you. It spent most of the 1970s and 1980s on the margins of Irish politics, widely condemned for its deep association with political violence. The institutions in the north are back up and running, we need a national forum, a citizens Assembly to have the discussion and we need to start the planning for the Unity referendum. These proposals include establishing a Rent Arrears Mechanism, capping interest rates charged by moneylenders, transforming MABs into a One Stop Shop for debt resolution, widening access to existing Debt Settlement Arrangements while also ensuring that adequate mental health supports are available. This means a fairer and more democratic society, one which protects workers’ rights and empowers communities with more input and control over their future. In fact we will run surpluses and have a surplus of more than €3bn in 2025. It ensures that all climate policies are socially and rurally proofed. It proposes the largest public house building programme in Ireland’s history, desperately needed to counteract the chronic lack of public housing from Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil. Contact Sinn Fein regarding any questions about its policies, or to receive official or press information; information in these archives may be out of date. Still, the three main parties are aligned on issues such as Brexit, the European Union, and maintaining Ireland’s attractive 12.5 percent corporate tax rate. Sinn Féin will deliver the biggest public housing programme in our history, we will cut rents and freeze them and we will ensure that affordable housing is available and really affordable to people. There is nothing natural or inevitable about poverty. Sinn Féin wants Ireland to become the first state in the world to introduce a Living Wage on a legislative basis, to ensure lower paid workers earn at least enough for them to achieve a minimum acceptable standard of living. Like Trump, Sinn Féin carried on as if the election had been stolen from them. Its policies are centred on support for workers, families, businesses, and our vital public services to fundamentally improve our society after this year of unprecedented hardship. Lumping Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil together as jointly responsible due to their go… Sinn Fein’s manifesto saysit would end Ireland’s involvement in the EU’s Permanent Structured Cooperation, which it sees as a precursor to an EU army, as well as ending membership in NATO’s Partnership for Peace. Paul Donnelly, TD, Sinn Féin Spokesperson on Rural and Community Development. The policies aim to counteract the decades long failure to invest in our health service by Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil that has left Ireland particularly exposed to the pandemic. This will mean thousands more Gardaí on the streets, patrolling in local communities. Leo and Micheál COVID-19 has exposed a decades-long failure to build a credible public health system. The Sinn Féin manifesto was generous, promising a massive expansion of the housing budget as well as social welfare increases and the abolition of carbon taxes. Vote for us this time and By analysing the enduring economic costs of partition, the contemporary economic crises of a Tory Brexit and COVID-19, Sinn Féin explores how a United Ireland within the European Union could create a more prosperous, democratic, and green all-Ireland economy for all going forward. A Sinn Féin TD who previously criticised the HPV vaccine has said that she will take the coronavirus inoculation, but only after lengthy consideration. Vótáil Sinn Féin … There will be no borrowing necessary. There is something fundamentally wrong when four years after this government came into office people have less money in their pockets. Sinn Féin will end the scandal of homelessness. Sinn Fein may be tapping into “a latent republican sentiment, also fueled by the long Brexit saga,” said Diarmaid Ferriter, professor of history at University College Dublin. IRA 'wanted to exclude Sinn Féin from peace talks' Irish government papers from 1990 suggest some IRA bosses did not share the party's socialist views. Sinn Fein's leader in Northern Ireland, Michelle O'Neill, has indicated she will support the use of British military personnel in the battle against the Covid-19 virus. Giving women and their families a break – Sinn Féin’s Women’s Budget 2020. Enticing in theory but unaffordable in practice is the best way of describing these policies. This policy document sets out key proposals to provide safe education for children during Covid-19. Sinn Féin will take on the housing crisis and we will solve it Sinn Féin will deliver the biggest public housing programme in our history, we will cut rents and freeze them and we will ensure that affordable housing is available and really affordable to people. The only people not talking about Irish Unity are the government. Several years of official documents and press releases from Sinn Fein are archived here. Cumainn are established in such areas as the Ard Chomhairle or authorised comhairle ceantair directs. This policy document proposes an alternative to the Land Development Agency (LDA), a failed Fine Gael initiative to solve the present housing crisis. As the main opposition party in the Dáil, with a quarter of first preference votes at the last General Election, Sinn Féin is in a strong position to support, promote and further the priorities and needs of community-based endeavour in 2021 and beyond. Fine Gael, which brands itself as fiscally responsible, is also being blamed for a lack of capacity in hospitals, transport and infrastructure to cope with a rising population and an economy growing at the fastest rate in the European Union. give me a chance, to give Sinn Féin a chance. This document outlines Sinn Féin’s policy to restore jobseekers’ payments for those aged under 26 years which has been our position since the cuts first began in 2009. This policy document is an ambitious affordable housing plan, providing detailed and fully costed policies that Sinn Féin would enact in government. Creating Workplace Awareness of Domestic Violence Policy Paper.

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