The Velvet Box: This name sounds extremely luxurious. Above are the TOP results for Cleveland jewelers when I googled for that exact search term. You can pick a holder of your liking and use rice as a way to hold rings, bracelets, and other pieces of jewelry. The traditional displays are everywhere. You can also add this to the bottom of your email newsletter (#22)! As many as 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine, according to SearchEngine Journal. Here are a few things you can test and change during the holiday season to increase sales: Product shelf placement or in-store position. Here are some tips for jewelry marketing photography: But if you have a bit of budget to spend on a product photographer (to save yourself time), you can find one on Photosesh or Smartshoot where you can find someone local and see reviews and samples of their work. If you have some extra budget, you could also run a paid ad with them, but magazine advertising can get expensive fast, which is why we recommend direct mail + online ads first. This jewelry store promotion generated a lot of excitement among their customers. Given the data, it’s no surprise that retailers might struggle with increasing customer visits to their physical locations. This inputs will help me a lot and right away have broaden my vision about this industry as I m going to join this gem and jewellery industry as a Marketing manager. you have no clue about how to name your store. The last creative idea you can use to display jewelry for sale is to use bowls of different types. Enter your email here to receive this limited-time offer! When prospects see positive reviews, they’re 90% more likely to trust and buy from you, according to research. Even if you’re the only jewelry shop in the street, when people pass by, they will be inclined to walk in. Support Your Community. Imagine you’re wanting to purchase an engagement ring for your fiancé. So your prospects see ONE cohesive marketing message whether they receive your jewelry store marketing postcard in the mail OR see your ad on Facebook. That means you have to pay up for an ad, like this: I recommend running Facebook ads at the same time you’re mailing your jewelry postcards. All the same, if people are impressed with the setup and atmosphere you have in your store, and then they will tell others about it. Which will make them feel valued and save YOU extra jewelry marketing dollars! Sponsor the event, or get a booth where you can show off your wares and meet people face-to-face (and remember to wear your jewelry!). Add call extensions to your ads (either your phone number or a “click to call” button for mobile ads), and the people who are ready to call can do so without you being charged for the click! And neither will your BEST sales person. Jewelry Store Promotion Ideas 1. To get the most leads (and sales) from your jewelry marketing strategies, you need to capture the identity of those interested prospects so you can follow up with them, to keep your business top of mind so when they want a special gift — or need your jewelry repair services — you’re the one they call! With prospects doing a lot of their purchase research online, when you have a prospect on the phone, you want — and need — to be on your A game. Facebook marketing is very popular, and for good reason —. Thank you, Sushil! Just as with other ideas on the list, you can paint them whatever color that matches your décor. But the challenge for some is how to increase foot traffic and boost in-store sales — and how to measure this. Reach out to magazines and offer your shop’s story as an article piece to be featured in their next issue! Make a list of keywords (like I mentioned in #14) that your prospects may use when googling for a jewelry store (just like yours), and include those keywords in both your blog and website pages. Stay tuned into your local area for upcoming bazaars, fundraisers, street fairs, charity auctions, or other similar events. Let’s get into the reasons why having an attractive jewelry display for your inventory matters. There are hundreds of jewelry display ideas for retail! Only TRACKING will show you what parts of your jewelry store advertising creates leads (and sales) for your store. Hi, Joy GendusaThank you so much for sharing this ideas.You are providing very useful information.It’s help me to grow my business.Keep Sharing…. That is perhaps why you’re here, hoping to get inspiration on creative ways to display jewelry for sale. For some, it’s as low as 2 PERCENT. Some may perhaps not have planned for it, but the display drew them in. You can group the various types of jewelry that you have and put them in the multiple crates. Pandora’s Box: Trying to pick the right jewelry is like opening Pandora’s Box. FREE report: Easily automate your email marketing to close up to 80% MORE sales. So check in to your social media a couple times a day to ensure you’re not missing any comments, messages, or prospects mentioning your business (@yourbusinessname) and how much they love your products! Especially when you have an enticing special offer that can’t be passed up. We use this in our Everywhere Small Business program so that business owners can not only hear how their prospect calls are handled…. Following up on the previous point, when more people are walking into your store, it means that there’s a high possibility that they will buy something. Instead of you remembering to manually email prospects on a set schedule, have your email marketing system do it for you. Mar 8, 2018 - All pretty, funky, different, beautiful, sparkly, fun, inspirational ideas for jewelry making:). However, how well your jewelry shop looks like it has a lot to do with how it looks. According to Common Objectives, the jewelry industry brings in annual earnings of about $348.5 billion. It matters that you get as many people as you can through the door with your displays. 600+ Classic Necklace Design Ideas You Should Have a Look, 10 Famous Wholesale Hair Accessories Suppliers in the UK. Order Ready to Ship Styles by 12 PM ET on 2/11. It helps you look like a professional trustworthy business, eBay, Amazon, and Etsy (if those make sense for your store). We will not publish or share your email address. If needed we would seek your help. Make sure you’re WEARING your jewelry because that’s the best (and cheapest) way to show off your gorgeous products every day and everywhere you go! A trip to the jewelry store can be a dream day for many people. But you can’t deny that an extra several thousands of dollars added to your bottom line is NOT worth ignoring! You can even donate a jewelry piece (maybe a lovely one that’s been hard to sell from your store’s inventory) for a charity auction in exchange for being featured in the organization’s newsletter and promotions. Start an in-store scavenger hunt. A Las Vegas jewelry store mailed out postcards as one of their main jewelry marketing strategies. Do you notice anything similar about all of your customers? You need HIGH QUALITY photos to capture the intricate details of your diamonds and gems. Ten creative ways to display jewelry for sale.