Services & Benefits

We help organizations explore opportunities, develop strategy and execute on plan.

We focus on advancing performance…projects range from classic strategic planning to the design and deployment of sophisticated financial and operational performance management systems to the hands-on management of complex projects and programs.

We assume roles appropriate for client needs…roles range from project management / program oversight to more of a full hands-on system design and development assignment.  

Highlighted below are what might be called the trademarks of our work and some of our more recent work experiences. When you have a moment, please contact us to explore the opportunities in person. We would enjoy hearing from you.

Important TEG trademarks:

  • Enhanced Integration—the single most significant opportunity facing organizations today may be enhanced coordination and cooperation across different disciplines, business units, stakeholder groups and management levels. TEG helps their clients think, plan, and act as “one”.
  • Practical solutions—good performance (and project) management routines ought to make what we do more straightforward and more transparent, not more complex. Think simple. TEG helps their clients create and execute practical solutions to complex issues.
  • Stronger accountabilities—TEG knows the challenges and rewards of establishing a strong sense of ownership across the management / project team. TEG has a defining focus on helping people come to own the results of their work.
  • Economic profit perspective—where appropriate, TEG helps clients look “beyond the books” in very practical ways to better manage the vital economic factors impacting their long run performance. TEG helps their clients think and act in the shareholder’s interest.  
  • Market savvy—having a clear, current and shared sense of the dynamic markets you serve provides the compelling purpose of our approach. TEG helps their clients hear and respond to the voice of the marketplace.

Key TEG work experiences:

  • Client service programs—developed and hosted complex multi-state client service programs to ensure absolute satisfaction across a number of issues through an extended (multi-year) program.
  • Performance management systems—designed and implemented systems to evaluate operational and financial performance to support governance routines, new ventures, etc.
  • Business planning—designed, implemented and hosted business planning systems to better communicate and integrate strategic and tactical interests across business units.
  • Business modeling—designed, built, and evaluated business models to better understand and anticipate cost floors, market potentials, and evaluate a host of business decisions. 
  • Transfer pricing—designed and implemented economically rational transfer pricing routines to enhance communications and integration across business units.
  • Market development—evaluated market potential and product / market strategies for line extensions and new ventures.
  • Documentation—designed, developed, and produced documentation to support executive awareness / consensus, user application, system technical issues, etc.
  • Training—designed, developed and delivered training on performance management, business economics, business planning, and a host of market related issues.