What’s with the boots…

The boots are about balance in life. Specifically, the boots are about the importance of finding time to have fun…to take a break…to recharge batteries…to be still…to enjoy a bit of quiet time…however you want to say it.

We learn a lot of important things as our careers develop. At the same time there are some really important things that are too easily lost in the rush of what we do. And the boots are about remembering to make room for the important stuff of life.

So – what have we learned along the way?

Know your craft. It’s important to be good at what you do. Regardless of what you do…do it well. And stay current with your discipline.

Be honest and fair. Be straight with folks…say what you mean and mean what you say. Learn to enjoy all sorts of people…and treat them right.

Work hard. Give that extra effort…go that extra mile whenever you have a chance. Earn your keep and work so that those who pay you think you’re a great value.

And most importantly – have some fun.¬†Kick back and enjoy the ride. Be purposeful about it. From stamp collecting to ‘whatever’…doesn’t really matter how you do it…find a way to have fun…make time for the important stuff.

And yes – one of mine is just being out doors…

…that’s what the boots are all about…a reminder to me (and perhaps you) to have a little fun along the way. Life’s too short.